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On April 30, jet ski champion Franky Zapata broke the Guinness World Record of farthest hoverboard flight, piloting a Flyboard Air between Carry-le-Rouet and Sausset-les-Pins in southern France.

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Solar Impulse cofounder and CEO André Borschberg took flight yesterday in the all--powered Si2, beginning the journey across the contiguous United States. Borschberg flew from Moffett Federal Airfield in Mountain View, California, to the Phoenix Goodyear Airport in Goodyear, Arizona, at the western edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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For the first time since its opening in 1967, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum will host an all-night party to celebrate its 40th anniversary on July 1, 2016.

The “All Night at the Museum” event will kick off after a performance by the U.S. Air Force Band and remarks by figures in aviation and space.

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A Boeing 727-200 that was donated by FedEx to the Sun ‘n Fun campus in 2013 is now up and running. Named the Piedmont Aerospace Experience, the airplane has been turned into a fully functional classroom that provides a unique educational experience to students at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy, a public high school located on the Sun ’n Fun and Florida Air Museum campus at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport.

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The night of April 14, an NCR corporate jet departed from the Meridian FBO at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport, marking the Corporate Angel Network’s 50,000th cancer patient flight since it was founded in 1981.

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