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We’re just 24 days from the start of EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and the excitement is building to sky-high levels.

We all know why Oshkosh is so great, of course: The planes, the people and the electric atmosphere make it the highlight of any GA pilot’s year, with enough memories to last a lifetime.

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Visitors to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., will soon get a fresh look at the profound effect aviation and spaceflight have had on their lives.

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The Flight Safety Foundation this week released a study investigating the application of space-based ADS-B networks that provide global coverage of near-real-time flight surveillance. In addition to identifying the safety benefits of ADS-B and challenges of implementation, the study assessed its role in addressing existing and future challenges in aviation.

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Modernization is not always a good thing as residents near major airports around the country have found out. Recently, new flight paths that were implemented as part of the modernized NextGen system have caused a stir with residents in Maryland and other parts of the country as more efficient routes are being implemented. The complaints have caused the Maryland Aviation Administration to request the FAA return to the old flight paths, the Capital Gazette reported.

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Appareo’s Stratus ESG transponder this week received Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization from the FAA. The panel-mounted 1090 ES transponder starts at $2,995 and includes ADS-B and built-in WAAS GPS.

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