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Who better to fly EAA’s 2 millionth Young Eagle than actor Harrison Ford, chairman of the Young Eagles program from 2004-2009. The lucky passenger was 16-year-old Jodie Gawthrop of Westchester, Illinois, who was awestruck by the experience.

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SocialFlight, a Web and mobile app, has teamed up with Jeppesen, Piper, Lightspeed, Bose, CamGuard, Aspen, FreeFlight and other general aviation leaders to introduce new expert-led community forums.

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Epic Aircraft celebrated the completion of its round-the-world tour on Tuesday at EAA AirVenture. The fleet of six Epic LT aircraft returned to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, after departing from the city on July 7 to circumnavigate the globe.

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The TriFan 600, the unusual looking VTOL tiltrotor designed with three rotating engines that was introduced about a year ago by Denver-based XTI, has recently taken a few major steps toward reality. This week, XTI announced it has selected Honeywell’s HTS900 engine to power its first manned prototype. The prototype will be two-thirds the size of the planned final product and is expected to take flight in the next two years.

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ForeFlight is showcasing its latest software update this week, which we tried out for the first time at the company’s exhibit booth at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The new software provides a new global-data-driven aeronautical map in place of digitized sectional charts that provides layers of information for improved readability, as well as improvements to the app’s flight plan and logbook features.

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