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The Sky is Not the Limit ®
eLearning Class Subscription: A 12-month subscription gives you: All book chapter learning tools, live streaming class, chat support and lot more,exclusively for student subscribers.

To the educators, leaders and halls of learning of our nation’s most valuable, precious, resource and asset (the students), here is how with the collaboration of our combined similar efforts and strategies we can help you achieve your goals.

  • We provide direct target marketing and recruiting for your school.
  • We have STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related courses using aviation curriculum, syllabus and real life personal daily events.
  • Recruiter of aviation students.
  • Recruiter of students that are not in aviation related subject.
  • Recruiters of students from as early as primary school with curriculum, syllabus, metrics to follow them through to post-secondary education.
  • Recruiter of students to post-secondary education.
  • Aviation continuing education programs.
  • Aviation related summer programs
  • Increase academia and test score of federal, national, state and local government requirements.
  • Pilot ground school course.
  • Introductory flight lesson

While in the presence of thousands of students annually, we have metrics, procedures and systems in place to track the student’s progress based on our exposure and influence.

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