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The Percival Mew Gull will join the unique collection of over forty antique aircraft based at Old Warden Park near Biggleswade, which is open to the public to view all year round. As with all of the antique aircraft in the collection, the Mew Gull is airworthy, and will be flown on planned 'Flying Days' that take place from May to October each year.

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Garmin today unveiled the aera 660, its new portable navigator that offers a number of new features, including wireless data uploading, a 5-inch capacitive touch-screen display, wire-strike avoidance technology and compatibility with a wide range of the company’s existing products through Garmin’s Connext wireless connectivity.

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For the past five decades, the majority of airport hotels around the world have always had a sense of despair and desperation about them.

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Commuters at four stations along SEPTA Regional Rail’s Airport Line should plan for shuttle buses, and early departures, over the next four weekends.

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Boeing has launched a 737-800NG freighter conversion program on the basis of orders and commitments for up to 55 conversions from seven customers, the company announced Wednesday. Dubbed the 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF), the program marks Boeing’s first ever conversion offering involving the 737NG series. The company expects operators to use the airplanes mainly to carry express cargo on domestic routes.   

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